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Our high-end web app development services​

Deep dive into your project planned goals and outcome

Web application design and development

Testing at every stage of development

Post-launch technical support and maintenance

Minimize your time to market with experts in Web development

Our experienced technical team can provide consultancy services to ensure your new solution fits perfectly into your existing infrastructure with the highest level of performance.

Why clients choose Poligon Tech 

Our steps to your success

Key steps in our Web Development process

We identify and discuss main pain points, must-haves, and wants. Here we finalise the timeline and agree on the tools that will be used for communication.

We identify the existing fundamental problems and reveals the business value and technical complexity that awaits your product. The main approach is to focus only on the top-priority functionality and provide it with the necessary extent of detail to begin the development.

Create design concept, apply UI/UX based on clients’ requirements and and then come up with a visual prototype ready for the initial review.

We have found the perfect combination of collaboration between the front- and back-end developers and devOps to create clean code, and scalable and maintainable solutions.

Checking all technical specifications, such as code and scripts, compatibility with major browsers and systems, overall functionality, including milestone testing and final testing.

Team configures and sets up everything and ensures the web app performs as it should. We monitor and continue testing after the launch to fix any possible bugs and make improvements as needed.


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