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Minimize your time to market with experts in Software development

Our skilled specialists will not only design and code your software but also advise you on every step of the full product development cycle and beyond.

We follow agile development principles which guarantee incremental iterative delivery but also allow you to change the scope and control the budget with every sprint (every 1-2 weeks).

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Key steps in our Software Development process

Discovery phase. Initial project consultation where we collect your requirements, identify the pain points, explore the market, form user personas, and finally set the budget. Together we understand how to match your future product with customer and market expectations.

We set objectives for the project management roadmap. Our Software Developers review the information and move to feature prioritization process.

Prototyping & Design. We create wireframes that visualize the UI of the system and shows how the final product may appear. Prototype helps in the visualization of essential business processes as well as the user experience.

Development process. This is were our front-end and back-end Software Developers come into play. They do all the hard work of connecting the interface with the database components so they work seamlessly together.

QA. We split our team to different groups that are focused on testing a specific function. For example one tests the graphics rendering on every page of the interface, while another team mostly focuses on the way the product updates or pulls data.

App release and Maintenance. We ensure that the mobile apps we work on are accepted and published on the App Store and Google Play. We provide post-launch support to fix every minor bug and improve performance constantly.


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