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We are product enthusiasts. Builders. Makers. Designers. Engineers.

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Welcome to
Poligon Tech

we harness our passion for product development and combine it with a potent mix of innovation and creativity. We are not only developers of our own groundbreaking ideas, but also dedicated partners to ambitious founders ready to shape the digital frontier.

Together, we’re shaping the future, one product at a time. This isn’t just software development – it’s a journey into the heart of digital innovation, driven by authenticity, pragmatic design, and a steadfast dedication to our shared success.

At Poligon Tech, we don’t just give a damn. We give it our all.

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Our Services

Product Validation

Product Management

Design Servies

Custom Software Development


We focus on high-end products

Product Validation

Custom Software Product Development

SaaS Application

UI/UX Design


Inspired by those who challenged the status quo

We know that to disrupt the business we must make things differently


The entire company is organized according to the experience and specialization of our people The teams that build digital prototypes are different to those scaling existing products.

Decision Making

Teams that are skilled in self organization are extremely agile and can react to business needs faster than teams organized traditionally

Organic Development

Our experts organize themselves in communities called chapters, which provide help on request to our clients and internal teams They solve actual problems and share the knowledge transparently, bottom-up, making our development organic.


Our contracts are plain and simple.
We start new products without waiting for all the necessary signatures on paper and don’t use vendor lock-in. Our clients are self-sufficient when the collaboration ends. Trust is one of our currencies.

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Do you want to build your own startup?

Get your MVP done with PoligonTech

A lot of startups are skeptical about outsourcing. They have concerns such as security, worry about time frames and costs. But, there are lots of reasons why you should outsource MVP.

  • The time from zero to your first MVP averages 4 months for companies farming out their first MVP to us.
  • Companies that choose to go it alone spend more than twice that time in development, about 9 months on average.

If you want a viable product on the market as quickly as possible, earn as much immediate revenue as possible, and attract investors, let’s discuss how PoligonTech can help.


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